The logo of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was approved in 1984 during the denomination's 42nd General Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri. The logo's design and interpretation are by Dr. Percy Smith former president of the AME Zion Pastor's Council.

The TRIANGLE -- represents the Godhead in this equilateral triangle is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or the Trinity.

ECCLESIASTICAL COLOR -- The colors of the logo suggest the mood of a church festival. Within recent years the interpretation of black has changed to encompass a texture of the whole life. All colors blending and melting together signify joy, sadness, struggle, faith, hope and finally eternal life.

"V" -- This widely used symbol for victory represents a church born victoriously under the leadership of James Varick our first Bishop. "V" also represents Varick.

The LATIN CROSS -- One of the most accepted symbols of Christianity, this plain and empty cross alerts the world to the reality that "He is not here, He is risen victoriously" .

A-AFRICAN -- This refers to our African background. It is in black and suggest that Africa is the cradle of civilization from which came all races and colors.

M-METHODIST -- This refers to the doctrine about God and Christ to which we adhere. It is green, the universal color of growth, progress of hope.

E-EPISCOPAL -- This means that we are a church overseen by Church Fathers called Bishops. Purple, so often worn by our Episcopate denotes kingly authority in Godly judgment.

Z-ZION -- God's Holy Hill stands for our branch of Methodism, which is a separate entity from the AME, CME, and ME Churches. The color blue is symbolic of heaven and sincerity.